Friday, May 11, 2012

Make Mothers Day memories at Lake Dora Sushi

It's almost Mother's Day!
Wow, it feels like just yesterday when my mom Fumiko dressed me and my sister up in hand made matching maxi dresses and we would load up in the big old brown gas guzzling New Yorker and head over to a local restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day. I would love to get the fried chicken dinner because it came with a half a canned peach that was just that perfect sweet little something to top off a wonderfully savory and satisfying meal ( coming from an eight year old mind )  
Fast Forward 40 years...Oh how time flies..and I can't believe I'm a mother myself. WAIT. I can't believe I'm a Grandmother!
So many many Mother's day meals have passed but the memories remain. This year I will celebrate Mother's Day with my mom at Lake Dora Sushi and Sake. If you remember when Fumiko and Takashi had their restaurant in Mount Dora, they were never open for Mother's Day. This year, Lake Dora Sushi and Sake will be OPEN 4:30PM -8PM.
Create your own Mother's Day memories this year and come in for a FREE sake or edamame for mom.
I think I'll have Chicken Tonkatsu (panko fried chicken) and top it off with a sweet plum wine.


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  2. Thanks Janet,,great historical info about your family..:>))